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8th Anniversary !


Time flies, eight spring and autumn changes, eight years’ hard work, more than 2,900 sun rises and sunsets, have created today's brilliance. Eight years’ hard work by entrepreneurs, eight years’ hard work by leaders, and ninety-six months of struggles have established today's success.

On November 26, 2021, Shenzhen Yesun LED Ltd. is full of flowers inside and outside, and colorful flags are on display. It ushered in the company's eighth anniversary celebration. At 6 pm, the grand celebration was held in Yesun LED. Family and friends, participate in this grand ceremony and share the joy and excitement of the eighth anniversary celebration of Yesun.

The gorgeous chapter of the celebration was officially opened with the wonderful dance "Lovely Pendulum". After some wonderful visual and auditory enjoyment, the company leaders delivered speeches respectively. In his speech, the general manager Mr. Zhou Zhisheng talked about the current good situation and portrayed the bright prospects for the future. I would like to thank all the partners for their strong support and the hard work of all employees. He firmly believes that the future of Yesun LED will be more brilliant. The general manager's speech won everyone's applause.